How to receive medical care in Malaysia as a foreign tourist: recommendations and tips



How to receive medical care in Malaysia as a foreign tourist: recommendations and tips

Medical tourism in Malaysia is growing rapidly and making the country an extremely popular destination for tourists. Today, the local healthcare system is fully up to world-class standards, with many specialists trained in New Zealand, the US and the UK. Malaysian hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offer a wide range of services. At the same time, prices for medical care are considered to be among the lowest in Asia.

Most private medical facilities in the country are equipped to receive foreign patients. Therefore, today it is not difficult to get treatment or undergo an examination at one of the local clinics and centres. In this article, we have prepared some important recommendations and useful tips to help you plan your trip to the country for medical care.

What you need to do to come to the country to receive medical care

Malaysia now has several modern private centres and clinics with state-of-the-art equipment. Medical facilities offer a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, inpatient and other services. To receive medical care in the country, the first thing you need to do is to choose a local hospital that is equipped to receive foreign patients and meets your needs. Almost all private medical facilities have their websites with lists of treatments, and services, as well as contact details and requirements.

According to various ratings, the following centres are among the best in the country today:

Once you have selected a medical facility with appropriate procedures, clear all questions regarding treatment, documents, payment, and hospital stay (if necessary) and plan your trip. To receive medical care in the country, foreign patients must also obtain an eVisa electronic medical visa. To apply successfully, you will need to meet certain requirements and make an appointment at a hospital belonging to the MHTC (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council) and a letter of invitation.

We recommend that you take care of your health insurance beforehand and choose a reliable plan that will be valid in the country, cover your medical expenses and also protect you from any potential risks. If you need qualified advice and assistance in choosing your insurance correctly, please contact the specialists on our website.


Medical tourists travelling to Malaysia and planning treatment in the country must have:

a medical visa;

all necessary medical documents, certificates of examination results, medical history, doctors' applications and referrals;

an invitation from a Malaysian medical institution and confirmation of the need for treatment or examination;

medical insurance.

A medical visa allows you to stay in the country for up to thirty days. If long-term treatment is planned, the visa period can be extended by providing a valid reason. The visa provides access to all services, procedures, and examinations only in private hospitals. In this case, public medical facilities are not available to international patients.

Documents required

To apply for a medical visa to Malaysia, the following documents must be submitted:

passport valid for at least 6 months;

a copy of the first page of your passport or a scanned copy of your passport details (if it is an online application);

passport colour photograph;

tracking page showing previous/old passport number (if applicable);

confirmation of medical admission and invitation from the hospital.

They may also ask for health insurance or other additional documents. So be sure to check with your embassy for all necessary information on requirements.

Types of treatment and prices

Private hospitals and medical centres in Malaysia offer foreigners not only quality treatment but also a wide range of procedures and services. The most popular among medical tourists are:

platelet and reconstructive surgery;


dentistry (general and cosmetic);


general surgery;

medical examinations and special diagnostic services;

obstetrics and gynaecology;






The cost of medical care in the country is considered much lower than in many neighbouring and western countries. For example, a typical coronary artery bypass surgery in Malaysia only costs between $6,000 and $7,000. The cost of plastic surgery will range from around $900 to $5,000, while similar services in the UK will cost at least 40-50% more. Dental services are also significantly cheaper in local hospitals. The difference in cost (compared to European clinics) can be as much as 40-80%.

Recreational tourism

Not only medical tourism is popular in the country, but also recreational tourism, which includes many health programmes. In local medical centres, sanatoriums, and resorts, tourists are not only offered many health restoring treatments, but also many types of total reset recreation. Health massages, relaxation treatments, various types of therapies, retreats, acupuncture, etc. are highly popular here.