Features of employment in China: demanded vacancies and working conditions



Features of employment in China: demanded vacancies and working conditions

Economics of China confidently holds the top place in the world’s ratings. And its wildly rapid industrialization and foreign economic relations development demand more involvement of foreign highly qualified specialists. Working in PRC opens vast financial and professional opportunities for employees from abroad. 

What are the most demanded trades?

Chinese companies are highly interested in the following qualified pros:

  • IT-industry specialists;
  • engineers and construction activity professionals; 
  • economists; 
  • managers and administrators for decision-making positions;
  • bracketologists;
  • interpreters and English tutors.

There are also occupations for newbies and talented youngsters. For example:

  • nannies with a knowledge of English;
  • models, actors, musicians, and dancers;
  • entertainers and guides to the tourist regions. 

Labor conditions in China

Like the majority of Asian people, the Chinese are workaholics. This aspect should be taken into account by any specialist, who wants to work in China. 

Working hours: PRC’s law presumes an 8-hour working day and a 44-hour working week. Yet in the case of specific business needs this timing can be expanded.

Week-days and public holidays: by the local Labor Code employee must provide 1 week-day per week and day-off(s) due to public holiday(s). The latter is limited to 10 days a year. 

Foreigners don't have any special treatment as they work under general conditions. Yet qualified specialist from abroad earns 2-3 times more than Chinese worker with the same skill set.