How to get a job in Bangladesh and get a work visa



How to get a job in Bangladesh and get a work visa

Bangladesh is quite an interesting and extraordinary country, which attracts more and more tourists and potential employees every year. Work in the country has a number of features, but vacancies can be found for any specialty. The main thing is the desire to work and high professionalism in your business. 

How to get a job in Bangladesh

If you decide to go to work in Bangladesh, you should first start by searching for vacancies. To do this, you need to make your resume correctly. Resume should be in three languages: English, Russian and local language of the country. You must speak Bengali, or at least understand the local language. This will help you to be on a par with the citizens of the country during the selection process. To find a job you need to use all possible resources. You can start your search from various web resources: search engines, maps, social networks.
Also popular when looking for a job in Bangladesh are the following websites: 
- Careerjet;
You can also apply to recruitment agencies. They are always looking for qualified specialists. However, you must have enough experience in the desired position and have certificates confirming your qualifications. So you can find a job as a nurse, accountant, chef, builder or truck driver. Also, you can contact the employment office if you are in the country. You will be registered and when there is a job offer, you will be called. If you are not a highly qualified worker without work experience, it will be easier for you to find a job through employment agencies. These can be vacancies in the care, computing, engineering, nursing, accounting, catering, construction and other sectors. Here you can find a full-time or part-time, temporary or seasonal job.
If you have found a job that matches your skills and abilities, you must arrange with the employer for a work invitation. You can apply for a work permit and a work visa together with your employer or on your own. If you reside in Bangladesh, you do not need a permit. Your employer or employment agency will provide you with a work permit and invitation letter. Also, if you are outside the country, they can obtain a visa for you to enter the country. Together with your employer, who can finance you, you can draw up all the documents. 

Work visa

After receiving a job offer, you need to open a work visa. To do this, you need to collect the following documents:
- Visa application form;
- Foreign passport;
- 4 photos (3,5x4,5);
- Original and copy of the work permit document;
- Invitation letter from the employer;
- Certificate of your financial situation.
These are the primary documents, you can find out more details from a lawyer on our website. He will be able to adjust everything for you and your experience. You must also assure the visa officer that you are only going to work to acquire new practical skills. If you say that you are going for permanent residence, it can contribute to the refusal of your visa. 
With this visa you can stay in the country until the end of your work contract. Visa processing takes approximately 5 working days. It is possible to issue an urgent visa in 2 days. Upon entry you will be stamped, upon departure you will need to fill in a document stating that you are leaving the country. The cost of a visa is approximately $ 90, while an urgent visa - $ 180.
Bangladesh is considered a poor country. Prices here for accommodation and food are not high. Therefore, salaries are not sky-high. On average, workers in Bangladesh receive $ 47 per month, while in some areas (sewing and repairing clothes) - half as much.