How to come to Bangladesh for permanent residence: rules, necessary documents

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How to come to Bangladesh for permanent residence: rules, necessary documents

Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia. The climate here is quite pleasant with hot summers and mild winters. Tourists who come to Bangladesh are inevitably enchanted by the nature, people, and traditions of this country. There is incredible flora, unusual fauna, and a very welcoming population. People will always help you, give recommendations, and tell you what you need.
More than 170 million people live in the country, and 11 million people live in the capital alone. Bengali are religious, the majority of the population professes Islam and is sensitive to centuries-old traditions. However, foreigners are welcome here, and those, for their part, willingly move to Bangladesh for permanent residence.

Visa policy

To cross the border of the country, you need a visa. If a tourist visa can be obtained at the airport upon arrival, then for a longer stay it is necessary to contact the consulate.
There are several different types of visas that foreigners can obtain, each of which requires different documents and confirmations. 
To obtain a visa, the following documents are required:
1. Standard visa application form filled in English (3 copies);
2. Passport and its copy;
3. Certificate from the bank about the availability of money in the account;
4. Additional documents depending on the type of visa (invitation, marriage certificate, etc.)
You can apply for a tourist visa, a visa by invitation, or an employment visa to temporarily reside in Bangladesh. A multiple-entry tourist visa entitles you to stay in the country for 1-1.5 years (depending on the consulate's verdict), but it can then be extended or changed.
If you have an invitation from a private person, you will be able to stay in Bangladesh during the validity of such a document.
Important: When applying, you must have all the documents that justify and explain your visit.

How to extend a visa to Bangladesh?

If your visa expires, you can extend your stay. To do this, contact the Department of Immigration and Passports. Please indicate the reason why you want to extend your visa and provide all necessary confirmations. 

Work Permit

With a work permit, you can work and stay in the country. To do this, your employer must write out an appropriate certificate of intention to employ you. You will then be able to apply for a work visa or apply to the Department of Immigration and Passports for a work and residence permit. It takes no more than 7 days to apply for a work visa. Our lawyer can help you with all the necessary documents.

Citizenship of Bangladesh

According to the laws of the country, one of the ways to obtain citizenship in Bangladesh is by the right of blood. This means that a person has the right to obtain a passport from this country if they have Bengali roots. Regardless of where they were born or reside.
You can also get citizenship by right of birth in this territory. However, a more realistic method of obtaining a passport in the People's Republic of Bangladesh is naturalization, dual citizenship, or citizenship by investment.
Naturalization. This process is permitted by the laws of Bangladesh. Any person who is married to a Bangladeshi and has been living in the country for 5 years can apply for naturalization. People who have invested in the economy of Bangladesh can get permanent resident status. To do this, you need to invest at least 75 thousand dollars in any company in the country.

Entry into the country: medical issues

If you come to Bangladesh from a country in which yellow fever is common, then you will need a certificate of vaccination against this disease. Also, it will not be superfluous to make vaccines against malaria, hepatitis, and other diseases common in the region.

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