State of health care in Bangladesh: rules of entry into the country



State of health care in Bangladesh: rules of entry into the country

Bangladesh is one of those countries that receives medical care from South Asia. There are many competent doctors in the country, but they work and teach in prestigious medical institutions abroad. At the same time, there is a great shortage of professional specialists and medical equipment in the country. All this is present due to insufficient funding of the medical system. Many doctors do not want to improve and upgrade their qualifications. 

The state of medical care in the country

Often in hospitals there is unsanitary conditions, which strongly discourages treatment in these institutions. As for private clinics, the situation there is much better, but accordingly, the treatment there is expensive. Health insurance is able to provide treatment only in cheap clinics, where the quality of service is not quite high. However, if you take out international health insurance, it will give you the opportunity to protect yourself from poor quality service and get safety in case of any injuries. In general, traditional methods of treatment are popular in the country. Now in Bangladesh they are trying to improve the service of medical care. To do this, they have already improved the quality of drinking water, which was actually in a terrible condition. The problem of polluted water caused the spread of dengue fever and leptospirosis in the country. 
All medical services in the country are paid. Foreigners can receive medical care only in private clinics, and only if they have the financial means. All costs for treatment or any medications are borne by you personally. 

Rules of entry into the country

Bangladesh is a country with an unfavorable epidemiological situation. As we have already seen, the state of medicine leaves much to be desired. Therefore, before traveling to the country, it is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A, B, E, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, and malaria. Also, a rather serious disease in the country is cholera. In order to avoid all these dangerous diseases, it is necessary to carry out prevention before the trip so that your body develops immunity. A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is also required, even for small children. Visitors who are not vaccinated will be detained for a 6-day quarantine. 
A visa is also required to enter the country. 
Documents for a visa:
- Visa application form;
- Foreign passport;
- 2 photos (3.5x4.5);
- Passport of your country;
- Certificate of your financial situation;
- Booking of tickets home.
With this visa you can stay in the country from one to three months. Visa processing takes approximately 5 working days. It is possible to issue an urgent visa in 2 days. When entering the stamp is put, when leaving you need to fill out a document that you are leaving the country. The cost of a visa is approximately $ 90, while an urgent visa - $ 180.

What dangers lie in wait in the country

Unsanitary conditions are often observed in the cities. Due to the hot and humid climate there is a high risk of various diseases. Therefore, it is worth disinfecting all your belongings, even the bottom of your shoes. Various insects are a big problem in the country. Because of this, all windows should have mosquito nets with small slits. Be sure to have repellents and allergy medications with you. People often get fungal diseases due to the climate. You need to have all the necessary medicines with you to avoid any problems. In local conditions even a small scratch can lead to a serious illness. Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones with sunscreen, as the sun's rays are very aggressive here. Clothes should be made only of natural fabrics. All products bought in the market should be thoroughly washed and heat treated. 
However, despite everything, Bangladesh is quite a popular country for foreigners. Here are quite low prices for accommodation and food, and with any financial situation you can feel quite comfortable.