Work in Cambodia: necessary documents, the business climate of the country



Work in Cambodia: necessary documents, the business climate of the country

Working in Cambodia can become not only a method of legal migration to the country but also an unforgettable journey that will be remembered for life. Moreover, the laws on foreigners in this country are quite favorable. Many residents have previously gone to other Asian countries to wait out the crisis. And now that it has passed, many vacancies have been opened for foreigners in this country. Some of them are also very well paid. Phnom Penh is a very good option for work. There is cheap housing and food, which is an advantage when looking for a country for working immigrants.

Who can get a job in Cambodia?

There is a critical lack of teachers and professors in the country, so if you speak English, you can get a job at an educational institution in Cambodia. You can teach any subject: from English to mathematics or philosophy.

Foreign citizens are hired in resorts, especially with a knowledge of English. Here you can work as a waiter, guide, hotel manager, etc.

If you have a profession that requires high qualifications, you can count on a job with decent pay. For example, doctors here have a fairly high salary. However, to do this, you need to contact a potential employer in advance and receive an invitation to work.

Starting a business in Cambodia

According to the law, any foreigner has the right to open a business in Cambodia or act as an investor. At the same time, the state guarantees that your investments and companies will not be taken away under the nationalization procedure, and the prices of your products will not be regulated by law.

In addition, for foreigners there are preferential regimes for paying taxes in the following areas:

1. High technology;

2. Tourism;

3. Companies that export products;

4. Companies that provide many jobs;

5. Energy and infrastructure;

6. Agriculture and nature protection.

You can start your business in this country with small initial capital. It is quite easy to do this, but first, you need to study the local market and its needs. More information about starting a business in Cambodia can be found here. If the business owner has opened a visa for 30 days and needs to renew it, they can write a letter confirming employment. It must have the seal of the company.

Registration of a work visa

Getting permission to enter Cambodia for work is not difficult. The visa is issued for 30 days, but then it can be easily extended for 1 year.  There is no need for a special visa to work here – all foreign citizens obtain a standard Class E visa for entry. 

There are 3 methods of obtaining a visa to Cambodia:

1. Registration at the consulate;

2. Via the Internet;

3. Upon arrival in the country.

The package of required documents depends on the method of registration that you choose. It is usually as follows:

1. Passport with a reserve of validity of 6 months;

2. Application completed in English;

3. Identification card;

4. Confirmation of the address of residence;

5. Health Certificate.

The visa expires 30 days after entering the country. After that, you can extend it. To do this, you need to apply with a letter with a seal from a Cambodian company confirming your employment. You can choose to renew your visa for 1,3,6 and 12 months, but only a half-year and annual visa allows multiple entries into the country.

If this is the first time you have visited the Kingdom of Cambodia, you can also apply for a visa for a period of 6 or 12 months without a work permit. However, if you need to extend it, then such a document will still be required. It can be obtained by going to the website of the Foreign Workers Centralized Management System (FWCMS) here. The application must provide data about the company in which you work and the employee (including the amount of salary, the number of working hours, etc.).

A Cambodian work permit costs 200 dollars.

You can also apply for a temporary (seasonal) work permit. To do this, you need to provide:

1. Passport with a valid visa;

2. Three passport-sized photos

3. Medical certificate of your country;

4. Employment contract;

5. Insurance policy;

6. Permission of the parent or guardian (if the employee is under 18 years old).

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