How to get a work visa to Turkey: work permit conditions and visa extension



How to get a work visa to Turkey: work permit conditions and visa extension

Given the intellectual, economic, and social progress, Turkey has become a leading destination for many foreigners. This country has very important factors that have made it similar to major European and developed countries. In addition, Arab citizens living in Turkey find the social environment in Turkey suitable for them because of the great similarities between Arab and Turkish societies, especially regarding common religion and certain customs.

Since Islamic religious rituals are respected in this country, this has encouraged Arabs who want to live in a developed country to migrate and settle there. In addition, Turkish society is a conservative society where people believe in freedom and diversity of ideas, which makes the foreign investor feel comfortable. Over the past two decades, Turkey has experienced a great renaissance, becoming an economic, tourist, and industrial power, competing with the leading countries of the world. All these factors contribute to the fact that foreigners prefer this state to other countries of the world.

With a very active production, cheap labor, and culture, as well as geographical proximity to Europe, Turkey, a country of about 80 million people has become a decisive production and marketing platform between Europe and the Middle East for several decades. 

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Labor emigration to Turkey

With product quality that meets European standards and norms and a highly skilled labor force at lower costs, Turkey is now one of the largest manufacturers in the world with a strong presence in the automotive, construction, aviation, textile, plastic, and transportation sectors. 

Indeed, most Turkish manufacturing companies bring know-how from European countries through bilateral agreements or hire qualified personnel who have studied in Europe or the United States. In some cases, there is also a transfer of knowledge with the admission of a foreign engineer in Turkish factories to train personnel for a few weeks, resulting in a quality identical to or even superior to that of Europe. 

Add to this the sincere willingness of the Turkish people to accept European products and the very low exchange rate of the local currency, which contributes to lower production costs in Turkey. 

Many very large companies have realized these advantages and have opened offices in the country through various means, such as hiring local employees on a freelance basis, partnering with local distributors, or hiring a local agent. The main conditions for employment in many companies are work experience and knowledge of foreign languages. Nevertheless, when company potential remains very strong, companies do not hesitate to establish a subsidiary, buy a local company, or form a joint venture to establish a long-term, sustainable footing. 

Cultural and geographic proximity

Turkey has always been a mystery to those who do not know it thoroughly, but once you get closer to it, you quickly realize that appearances are deceptive: the great metropolis of Istanbul certainly fascinates by its Eastern side, but it does not disorient a European businessman. Eastern culture is still very much a part of local customs, but the main advantage is the strong European influence in business practices.

Turkey is a country with great opportunities for European companies, provided they are willing to invest a minimum of money and time in mastering the market.

The foreigner is charged an entry visa fee, a work permit certificate fee, including work from home online, and a residency fee. As the foreigner will reside with the work permit document after arrival in the country, a "work legitimization visa" is issued for the purpose of entry for a maximum of 90 days.

How to get a work visa in Turkey

Foreigners who are abroad and come to Turkey to work are required to obtain a work visa. The work permits for foreigners who will work in free zones are issued by the Ministry of Economy, while the work permits for academic staff who will work in higher education institutions are issued by the Council of Higher Education.

How a work visa to Turkey is issued:

It is important for foreigners applying for a work visa to submit an employment contract or a service contract between them and their employer. Foreigners applying for a work visa should have the following documents on hand.

  • Passport or a valid replacement document;
  • 1 Biometric photo;
  • An employment contract or contract for services.
  • An application to hire foreign workers is submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. This application must be submitted within a maximum of 60 days after the expiration of the work permit. An application to renew a foreign worker that is not submitted within this 60-day period will not be considered.

Before you go to Turkey for work, study, life and travel, we offer you to take out health insurance that covers all medical treatment and emergency care expenses.

Work Visa Extension in Turkey

Something to consider for the employer who will be applying for an extension:

Deposit the foreigner's salary in full through the bank

  • The foreigner has made payments to SSI and is not in arrears to SSI
  • The company has no tax debts
  • Employment of at least 5 Turkish nationals per foreigner
  • Things to consider for a foreigner applying for an extension:
  • Not be outside of Turkey for more than 6 months in total during the validity period of the permit
  • Not having committed any crime.

The hiring of foreign workers for domestic services is done under certain conditions in order to prevent any possible discontent. A foreign worker wishing to work in the domestic services sector may only work as a caretaker of children, elderly people, and patients. It is not legal to hire foreign workers for cleaning and it is impossible to obtain the necessary permit.

Accordingly, in order to get a permit to hire foreign workers to care for children, a child under the age of 15 must live in the house. To care for the elderly, it is mandatory that a person over the age of 65 lives in the home. It is also mandatory that the person in need of care live in the home to care for the patient. Male aliens are not allowed to work in the domestic service industry, except in serious cases that require serious care.

The employment of foreign workers from abroad in Turkey is subject to a permit. Hiring foreign workers without a permit is illegal and subject to sanctions.

How many days are required to obtain a work permit

As a result of submitting an online application to the ministry through e-government, the results of the application are communicated no later than 30 days later. For foreign workers who are key personnel, this period is 15 days. In the case of missing documents, no more than 5 days are given.

No more than 15 days are given to requests for opinions or information. Taking into account the conclusions, information, and documents prepared after expiry of these terms, consideration of the application will be completed no later than 30 days. It should be noted that the 30-day period begins when the documents are completed.

Where to make a request for a work permit

The application is submitted through the online e-government system. Similarly, the request for a work permit is also done through the online e-government system.

Can foreign students get a work permit?

Foreign students studying in Turkey must obtain a work permit during their studies. Obtaining a work permit for students depends on other conditions different from the normal conditions for hiring foreign workers.

Foreign students studying in Turkey at any level of education cannot work. Work permits for foreign students are only valid for masters and doctoral students. An important point in this regard is that the student must continue to have a residence permit for the period for which he/she wishes to obtain the permit.

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