Types of stay in Algeria and ways to obtain citizenship

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Types of stay in Algeria and ways to obtain citizenship

The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is situated in the northern part of the African continent and is one of the second largest and most developed countries in Africa, facing the Mediterranean Sea.

The capital is the ancient city of Algiers, which has the same name and is the country's largest port, cultural, religious, and financial center. As most of the city's buildings are made of light, it has come to be known as the White City. The capital is full of lush gardens, squares, and parks.

Algeria's sights include the ruins of the ancient cities of Phoenicia, Carthage, Rome, and Byzantium as well as the colorful bazaars and mosques that have been preserved along the coast.

Algeria is an amazing country to live in with your family!

How do I apply for Algerian citizenship

It's important to recognize that the path as an immigrant is thorny and it's not enough just to want to live in Algeria. You need a good reason to become an Algerian citizen/citizen. The options are:

1. Buying real estate. This is the most common way to move to Algeria. Once you have purchased a flat or villa and officially confirmed ownership, you can immediately collect the documents and apply for a residence permit.

2. Investment. The requirements for applying for a residence permit are not burdensome. Both the investor and his family can obtain a residence permit and a Permanent Residence Permit for Algeria.

3. Marriage. You can also move by marrying an Algerian. However, this method is not as easy as it sounds. Immigrants applying for citizenship are carefully checked. A sham marriage is easy to spot.

4. Restoring family ties. If you have Algerian relatives, you can apply for permanent residence directly. You will need to provide proof of your family ties.

5. Business. This is also a reliable method of migration, but very expensive. The procedure for opening a company in Algeria for foreigners has been greatly simplified. The tourist business is the most popular destination for foreigners to move to.

Required Documents

- Valid passport. Must be valid for at least another six months (at the time of application);

- A second valid passport (if any);

- Applicant's personal data;

- Four 3x4 cm photos (color, light-coloured background);

- Original invitation or fax voucher from an agency officially registered in Algeria;

- Return air tickets;

- Proof of financial support for the trip (bank certificate).

For children, you will need:

- Birth certificate (original + copy);

- Notarized authorization for child to travel abroad;

- Notarised and translated into French power of attorney for the child to travel abroad (if the child travels with or without one parent).

What are the types of stay in the country

Foreigners need a visa to visit Algeria.

It is not easy to obtain a tourist visa, so it is advisable to carry an invitation from Algeria with you. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months.

Tourist visa for Algeria

A tourist visa may be applied for a one-month stay. When applying you must present documents that can prove the purpose of your trip.

Visitor visa

This visa is intended for visiting relatives, friends, and acquaintances. It is granted for a limited period of time and is issued for up to 30 days. It cannot be extended. It has nothing to do with getting a job or enrolling in an educational institution.

Business visa

You can apply for either a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. A single entry visa allows you to stay in the country for between one month and three months. The invitation must justify the number of visits. In addition, the duration of the stay, the place of stay, and the contact details of the inviting party must be stated.

Algerian student visa

You can get a student visa if you have an invitation from an educational institution.

Work Visa to Algeria

Applicants must submit a work permit issued by the relevant authorities of the Algerian Ministry of Labour for consideration by employers interested in employing you. There are visas for temporary employment and visas for long-term employment, and the duration of the visa and the documents required to obtain it are different. However, you can extend your visa locally if you apply in advance of your current visa expiry date.

Transit visa via Algeria

You will need to show your country's visa, proof of travel, and proof of financial self-sufficiency during your transit period from Algeria.

There are other visa categories, including:

1. Cultural

2. Medical

3. Family

4. Diplomatic

Further information

Buses, minibusses, and taxis are available for passenger transport. Railways are also available.

Algeria is the only African country other than Egypt to have a metro.

The tram system was partially commissioned in May 2011. There are currently 13 stations in operation.