What you need to know about employment in France: work visa, employment contract



What you need to know about employment in France: work visa, employment contract

France has traditionally been favourable to labour immigrants. According to data for 2020 (the latest Eurostat data), 7.6% of the country's population is from other countries. Thanks to its developed economy, convenient geographical location, climate, nature and infrastructure, France has become one of the most popular countries in Europe for compatriots looking for a new life abroad.

What kind of staff is waiting for in France?

According to local employment agencies, the most acute shortages are:
- IT specialists;
- Doctors;
- Construction workers;
- Engineers;
- Teachers;
- Agricultural workers;
- Workers in a warehouse or factory;
- Nannies, housekeepers;
- Catering workers: waiters, cooks;
- Sales managers, and marketing specialists.
How do I get a job in France?
If you come to France on a long-term visa, you probably already know about the OFII (French Office of Immigration and Integration). Not only does the OFII help foreigners integrate into French society as quickly and effectively as possible, but it also helps them find a job.
OFII gives you the information you need to find a job.
The French labour market requires professional education and work experience (at least 2 years). Conversational French is also an important selection criterion.
Foreigners wishing to work in France do not need to have graduated from a French institution of higher education. You may obtain a certificate of qualification from ENIC-NARIC FRANCE and prove that you have completed your undergraduate or graduate degree programme at a university in your home country.

Work visa

Non-EU citizens must obtain a work visa and a long residence permit before starting their employment. It is not enough to find a job, you have to fulfil certain requirements to obtain a visa with the right to work:
- Professional status (for highly qualified jobs);
- University degree;
- Proficiency in the language (which confers additional advantages and is taken into account in the consideration of the application);
- Wages must be at least the legal minimum wage per month.

Work visa processing

Based on a work permit, a foreigner can apply for a work visa. It is necessary to cross the border legally and obtain a residence permit. For such visa application, the following documents are required:
- A foreign passport and a civil passport;
- Application form;
- 3 passport-sized photos;
- Employment Permit;
- A signed work contract;
- Certificate of medical examination;
- CV or employment record book;
- Receipts of payment of fees (99 EUR state fee + 30 EUR - visa fee);
- Health insurance.
The application processing period is up to one month.
Employment in France requires you to sign one of three main types of employment contracts:

Temporary employment contract

If you are temporarily employed through an agency, you will sign a temporary contract with the agency paying your wages. This contract can be renewed only once and for a total employment period of fewer than 18 months.
Contrat à DuréeDéterminée (CDD)
This is a version of the fixed-term contract which is often used for hiring employees for a longer probationary period. Lately, it has become very common to conclude this type of contract. The CDD can be renewed once and is limited to two years. At the end of the employment period, a lump sum bonus is paid to make up for the insecurity of employment resulting from this type of contract.
Contrat à DuréeIndéterminée (CDI)
A variant of the indefinite term contract concluded with the company permanently. The contract requires an initial probationary period (up to 3 months), job responsibilities and the right to leave. According to French law, you are entitled to 2.5 days' holiday after each month worked.

Where to find a job in France?

Notable is LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/, one of the most popular job sites in France. Lately, many large companies have started to find employees here. Therefore, it makes sense to register on the portal website and create a CV online. You can also use the specialist website https://www.apec.fr/, which can help you find a job in France.
Here are more useful job search websites: