E-Devlet: How to join Turkey's e-government service portal?

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E-Devlet: How to join Turkey's e-government service portal?

E-Devlet is a convenient online system for providing government electronic services in Turkey. It works not only for Turkish citizens but also for foreigners. How to use E-Devlet and what services are available on the portal is described in the article

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Did you know that there is a service in Turkey that can make life easier for everyone?

The E-Devlet portal, which was introduced in 2008, currently provides 6,665 digital services belonging to 886 institutions. As of today, the number of users exceeds 60 million.

How to join the e-Government service portal of Turkey and issue the most important documents in a matter of minutes? Let's talk further.

What is E-Devlet?

E-Devlet is a convenient digital portal where Turkish citizens and foreigners living in the country on the basis of a residence permit can find important information about their health insurance policy (SGK), taxes, traffic fines and issue a whole series of other documents.

The procedure for obtaining a Turkish residence permit or citizenship consists of several stages. To find out the criteria for receiving and the list of necessary documents, download the checklist for moving to Turkey using the link.

E-Devlet for children

Children under 15 cannot use the portal. Parents get access to documents on their behalf if the child has a foreign identity card and a registered address.

How often can certificates be ordered and how long are they valid?

You can make one request every 24 hours, the document is valid for only one month.

What services are available on the E-Devlet portal?

Here are some of the most used services in e-Devlet:

● Issuance of a certificate of no criminal record/document from the police (available in several languages).

● Verification of SGK details for work or state insurance.

● For students – access to documents from the university.

● Applying for Turkish citizenship. Most often, representatives of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Russia become citizens of the country.

● Access to tax documentation.

● Payment of taxes and fines.

● IMEI status check and/or foreign phone registration.

● Checking utility bills.

● Issuance of ownership documents.

● Certificate for proof of residential address.

How to use the portal in English?

Language selection is available in the lower left corner of the start page. There you can translate the portal into English. However, not all services have an English translation.

If the page does not have an English translation, use the automatic translation function of Google (or any other search engine) to navigate the site more easily.

E-Devlet mobile application

You can access e-services from your Android, iPhone, iPad and Huawei. devices. However, the app only works in Turkish.

How to join the Turkish e-Government service portal?

Only those foreigners who have a "yabancı kilıkm number" (foreign national identification number) can create an account on the E-Devlet (electronic government) platform.

Currently, two registration methods are available:

1.  Using internet banking credentials - only for expats who have opened an account with a Turkish bank. You simply select your bank and enter your customer identification number or card details.

2. Those who do not have internet banking will need to visit the nearest PTT (Turkish Postal Service) office to obtain a password for E-Devlet.

● Come to the PTT office with your ID number, passport, Turkish mobile number and residence permit.

● Tell the Turkish Post Office staff that you need to get an "e-devlet şıpır" (password for E-Devlet). They will fill in all the necessary information and send your password to enter the portal in a text message. The cost of the service is 10 TL.

● After the first login to the e-government site, you can change your password.

What to do if I forgot my E-Devlet password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can restore access to the portal using a mobile phone or electronic signature or log in through Internet banking. If you have not been able to solve your problem, you can always contact the PTT branch and reset your old password for 10.00 TRY.

How to print a document on the E-Devlet portal?

When you have issued the document you need, you do not need to click on the "Print page" button. A document printed in this way is considered invalid.

The reference must be created in PDF format, for this click the "download" button.

A document issued electronically will meet all requirements and have an electronic signature in the form of a barcode.

After completing the E-Devlet, you may need the help of a local Turkish immigration lawyer. The services of such a lawyer can be ordered here.

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