The places you won't be able to visit in 2024



The places you won't be able to visit in 2024

This year, many travellers have tried to make up for lost time after the pandemic by visiting Europe's most iconic cities and America's national parks in a form of "revenge travel". However, the world has undergone significant changes since the onset of covid19. Many businesses have closed and some tourist attractions have become inaccessible. Find out more about which places remain inaccessible in 2024

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In 2024, many travellers may face unexpected obstacles as some of the world's most iconic places temporarily close their doors. From the ancient steps of the Acropolis to the mysterious corridors of the Parisian catacombs, this year marks a pause for some of the world's most precious sites.

For conservation and development purposes, these closures provide us with time to reflect on the delicate balance between our thirst for exploration and our duty to protect cultural and natural heritage. Read our article and discover the world of secrets behind closed doors.

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Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Although the Pompidou Centre remains modern and contemporary, both visually and conceptually, it is now six decades old. Following this year's Summer Olympics in Paris, the Centre Pompidou is undergoing a €260 million modernisation.

The iconic "Our Lady of the Trumpets" will be closed until 2030. During this period, Brussels is also preparing the opening of its sister museum, the Pompidou, scheduled for 2025.

But for art lovers, Paris remains a place with great opportunities. The Palais de Tokyo offers an impressive collection of contemporary art, while the Musée du Quai Branly, opened in 2006, offers a diverse collection of art and artefacts spanning the entirety of human history.

Splash Mountain, Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California, USA

One of the most iconic rides in the Disney universe, Splash Mountain was last opened in 2023. This wooden chute-shaped attraction was originally inspired by the film "Song of the South", but received criticism for trying to romanticise slavery, for which it was condemned by the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP).

Now, Splash Mountain at Disneyland California and Disneyland Florida are reopening in a new guise as Tiana's Adventures in the Swamp, based on The Princess and the Frog.

Instead, Disney fans can take a trip to the company's parks in Japan and China. The smallest park, Disneyland Hong Kong, opened the first-ever Frozen Land in autumn 2023.

Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

The world's best restaurant, Noma from Copenhagen, is preparing to close its doors to customers in 2024. However, it will not disappear completely. In 2025, Noma will reopen in a new format as an "innovative test kitchen dedicated to exploring food innovation and creating new flavours". This means that it will continue to pursue its mission of introducing groundbreaking concepts to the world of gastronomy.

However, if you're looking for an alternative, Lima's Central restaurant is a modern gastronomic gem. Located in a popular neighbourhood, it offers unrivalled dishes based on local ingredients such as quinoa, potatoes, fish and chillies. This is the place where you can enjoy authentic Peruvian flavours and feel the spirit of gastronomic wonder. And while it can be hard to book a table at Central, Lima is a city where you'll find plenty of other restaurants and culinary adventures waiting to be discovered.

Phantom of the Opera, New York, USA

After 35 years and almost 14,000 performances, the legendary musical Phantom of the Opera left the New York stage in 2023. It went down in Broadway history as the longest-running show, surpassing such popular musicals as Cats, Les Miserables and A Chorus Line.

However, even after Phantom's departure, Broadway remains a great place for theatre experiences. Today, you can get tickets to other incredible shows like Spamalot or Kimberly Akimbo through the TodayTix app without wasting time in line at TKTS.

Once you have booked your tickets, it is recommended to visit Times Square in advance. Here you will find cool places that even the most discerning New Yorkers love. Great restaurants, exclusive bars and cinemas are all waiting for you in this sophisticated area of the city, where you can enjoy the evenings after theatre performances.

Pergamon Museum, Berlin, Germany

The Pergamon Museum, with its world-famous Ishtar Gate, is an integral part of Berlin's Museum Island complex, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over the next few years, the museum will be closed due to an ambitious modernisation project. It is planned to create a new central pedestrian zone, expand exhibition halls and other important works.

But don't be upset if you were planning to visit the museum during this period. There is an alternative for travellers who want to see the Pergamonmuseum. You can visit Das Panorama, which is located nearby, where some of the exhibits from the Pergamon Museum will be on display during the renovation work. In addition, other attractions on Museum Island remain open, including the Neues Museum with its rich collection of Egyptian art and artefacts. Thus, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy Berlin's cultural heritage, although the Pergamon Museum is temporarily closed.

Elephant Trunk Rock, Taiwan

In Taiwan, a famous photo spot resembling an elephant's trunk fell victim to natural forces and collapsed into the sea on 15 December 2023. Located on the northeast coast of the island, this place has long been at risk due to soil erosion and has been closed to visitors since 2010.

But don't let that put you off if you were planning to visit Taiwan. There are many alternative routes that will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of this island. Last year, the world's first certified "quiet route" around Kuifeng Lake was introduced, a circular route that circles the lake, allowing travellers to enjoy the peaceful scenery. And if you like a road breeze, the Southern Highway, which crosses the islands, winds through some of Taiwan's most beautiful countryside, offering magnificent views and an unforgettable travel experience.

Park Hyatt, Tokyo, Japan

At 30 years old, Park Hyatt Tokyo is preparing for a major refurbishment, closing for a period from May 2024. This hotel, known as the first representative of the luxurious Western style in the Japanese capital, opened in 1994 and became famous for its exquisite service and elegant interiors.

During the renovation, the hotel plans to update the entire property, including the iconic New York rooftop bar, which became famous after the film Lost in Translation. This bar will begin renovations in January 2024 and will not reopen until 2025.

For travellers looking for an alternative to the Park Hyatt, Japan offers many attractive places to stay. For example, you can visit the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, which is the oldest hotel in the world and offers relaxation in the famous Japanese baths, or Treeful, a series of handcrafted tree houses in the heart of the Okinawan forest.