Employment in Sweden: how to get a job in the country and move



Employment in Sweden: how to get a job in the country and move

Working abroad is a great opportunity to get valuable professional experience, and at the same time to get acquainted with other countries, cultures, and new people.

Sweden is one of the most popular destinations for labour emigration. The country has a developed economy, a high standard of living, and solid incomes. Foreign workers planning to work in Sweden will find many opportunities here. But how to do it - read the articles.

What you need to do to come to the country to get a job

Citizens of most countries who want to work from abroad must have permission. To obtain such a working visa to Sweden, it is necessary to first confirm employment and provide a labour contract. Therefore, the planning of a trip to the country should begin with a work search.

Here are some Swedish and international resources where you can find a good job:

The Swedish Public Employment Service;

EURES portal;





Also, try to search for work on local ad boards or company websites.

As soon as you find a suitable vacancy and the employer confirms the admission to work, you can proceed to the collection of documents. Usually, foreign workers need a long-term working visa to work in Sweden.

It is important to have documents on higher education, employment contract, or other proof of employment to apply for a permit for work in Sweden.

We recommend that you take care of personal medical insurance, which will cover costs and protect you from risks in unpredictable situations. Sweden has its requirements, so it is important to take the right plan. For example, insurance should cover the costs of at least 30 000 euros and extend to all Schengen countries. We advise you to contact qualified specialists who will help you to draw up reliable medical insurance and choose a plan for your needs.


Labour migration to Sweden provides for the presence of the appropriate type of visa. By duration, they are:

• short-term visas C;

•  long-term visas D.

For example, a short-term working visa is well agreed upon for seasonal work or business cases.  However, it is better to get a long-term work visa for a career and serious employment in Sweden.

Types of long-term visas for work in Sweden:

•  working visa – is granted to citizens of third countries who have the right to work in the country under an official labour contract;

•  a visa for a job search in Sweden – issued to graduates of Swedish educational institutions who want to work in the country;

•  a visa for freelancers – can be obtained by citizens who want to move to Sweden for self-employment;

•  a visa for an internship – is granted to citizens of third countries who plan to undergo an internship in Sweden;

•  a work permit visa – is for citizens who have the right to work in the country.

In Sweden, the requirements and conditions of employment may differ depending on the profession, type of employment, company, etc. Therefore, we advise you to get a comprehensive consultation with a professional lawyer in advance on the peculiarities of working abroad.

Another important condition for employment in Sweden is English or the Swedish language. It is perfect if employees will have the appropriate certificate confirming their language skills.

Required documents

Standard package of documents for obtaining a visa to Sweden:

•   completed questionnaire;

•   a foreign passport valid for at least 90 days;

•   a copy of the first page of the passport with personal data as well as preliminary Schengen visas;

•   two colour photos;

•   labour contract;

•   confirmation of booking  air tickets;

•   bank account details or a certificate of sufficient funds for staying in the country;

•   detailed information on temporary residence in Sweden during employment;

•   medical insurance.

You may also need a letter from an employer confirming your employment and the information provided: company addresses, applicant's position, salary, etc. Please check with the Embassy for details on the full package of documents.


Foreign workers who work in Sweden for less than six months pay a special income tax of 25%. However, for certain professions, the conditions differ. For example, artists, athletes, and sailors pay 15% of income taxes.

Working prospects

Sweden is a progressive and well-developed country. The local labour market offers employment migrants many vacancies and prospects. For example, one of the most demanded professions in Sweden is IT specialists, engineers, teachers, and doctors.

Here are some popular vacancies for foreign employees:

•   pharmacists;

•   teachers at secondary school;

•   construction engineers;

•   mechanics and electrics;

•   chemicals;

•   software developers;

•   dentists and nurses

•   university professors, etc.

The country also has such types of work as self-employment, tutoring, freelance, and seasonal work. Self-employed professionals and people who want to work from home can try, for example:

•   fashion;

•   web-design;

•   writing texts, editors, and corrections;

•   IT, game development, etc.

Sweden has a high standard of living and, accordingly, decent wages. Qualified specialists who have work experience and language skills get high incomes here. The average salary in the country is approximately 4 700 dollars per month or more. Employees in higher-paid positions can receive even 22 000 dollars per month.

In general, labour migration to Sweden will be a great opportunity to build a round of careers and earn a decent salary. The country is open to foreign workers and offers many opportunities.

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