The main requirements and features of employment in Palau. How to get a work permit



The main requirements and features of employment in Palau. How to get a work permit

Palau is a small island country located in the Philippine Sea, in the Western Pacific Ocean, in Micronesia. The total area of Palau is less than 500 square kilometers. It consists of 328 islands, and the number of inhabitants is only 22 thousand people. It is a beautiful tropical country surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear waters, so it will be appreciated by lovers of the exotic, diving, snorkeling, and other types of marine entertainment and activities. However, it is quite difficult for ordinary travelers to get into the country. It is also not easy to find a job here, especially a highly paid-one. If you are planning a trip to the country, then the ideal option is to buy a checklist (hyperlink).

Main areas of work

On the Palau Islands, volunteerism and conservation work are highly appreciated. It is a real paradise for ecologists who are called upon to study and protect the flora and fauna of the islands. For example, this country is considered one of the first in the world to create a special reserve for sharks. That is why zoologists and volunteers from all over the world come here to work in these protected areas near sharks.

Like most small islands in the Pacific Ocean, Palau has an underdeveloped education system, and the government provides insufficient funding for its development. There are not enough resources here to give people a proper education. Therefore, private educational projects for children are popular in the country.

Another popular job option in Palau is construction. The infrastructure of the island is poorly developed, and construction projects are often focused on rural areas. It is worth paying attention to the seasonality of work in Palau since a lot depends on the weather. Spring and summer work fall on the season of heavy rains, and therefore it is difficult or even impossible to work outdoors. Autumn and winter are more suitable for the tourist season and work related to the maintenance of this area.

Visa requirements

Visitors from many countries have the opportunity to visit the country without a visa if they want to travel and work in Palau, There is a simplified visa policy for citizens of America, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, as well as European countries that are part of the Schengen zone. They are allowed a 90-day stay without applying for a visa. Tourists from other countries can obtain a visa on arrival in Palau, which is issued for 30 days, but then it can be extended twice more.

Work Permit

The Republic of Palau gives preference to local citizens over foreigners when hiring. If an employer is going to hire a worker from another country, he must get a permit. After that, an application is submitted for a temporary non-resident worker identification card, with which the worker can enter the country. It is valid for one year from the date of arrival.

Depending on the position and the period of employment, there are different types of work permits in the country:

·        A temporary work visa allows foreigners to enter Palau and work legally. Employers in the private sector who are looking for non-resident workers must obtain these IDs. Only after the issuance of this document employees can apply for a work permit.

·        A missionary visa can be obtained when a person provides valid proof that he is engaged in religious activities or participates in public work.

·        A temporary permit is issued to non-resident workers who can stay in Palau for a maximum of 90 days. Then the worker can extend the visa for another 90 days.

Documents for obtaining a work permit:

·        an application to the labor department for a work permit for a non-resident employee;

·        a standard form of an employment contract;

·        a certificate of no criminal record from the country of residence;

·        a health certificate;

·        two affidavits from previous employers stating that the employee has at least two years of experience in the relevant field;

·        a receipt of payment of the registration fee.

Contacts and phones

International Organization for Migration of Republic of Palau – Phone: +680 488 3113 Website

Emergency ambulance and police service – 911