Bali's Tourist Paradise: The Best Neighborhoods for Home and Business Investment



Bali's Tourist Paradise: The Best Neighborhoods for Home and Business Investment

Bali is not only a popular tourist island in Indonesia, but also a desirable region for foreign investors. The development of the economy, tourism sector and infrastructure create a great investment potential on the island. We tell you which area of Bali is best to choose for real estate investments

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Bali is the most coveted vacation destination in the world. The island is famous for its stunning beaches and sea, mountains and volcanoes, elephants and monkeys, jungles and rice paddies. 

But Bali is not only an island with spectacular scenery, it is also a particularly attractive region for foreign investors. Given Indonesia's tourist popularity and economic growth - Bali is a great place to invest in real estate.

Why it is worth investing in housing in Bali and which neighborhood is best to choose for this - read further in the article.

Why Indonesia is popular?

Indonesia, consisting of more than 18,000 islands, is amazing in its natural beauty. The country is the 4th most populous country in the world, with about 280 million people living here. 

In recent decades, Indonesia has become one of the most dynamic economies in the Southeast Asian region. Its economy has been growing steadily and now ranks 16th in the world ranking. 

The country uses the rupiah as its national currency, and the inflation rate stays within the range of 2-4%, which indicates its economic stability. 

Why do investors choose Bali?

Tourist-popular region

The island of Bali is a preferred vacation destination not only for residents of Indonesia but also for tourists from all over the world.

On the island you can enjoy a variety of exotic plants, volcanic landscapes, endless rice fields, as well as visit cozy bars and cafes with local flavor, enjoy stunning views of the sea and mountains. 

The tourist season on the island lasts all year round, attracting half a million people every month. The occupancy rate of tourist facilities is 70-80%.

After the pandemic, the region quickly rebounded with 6.3 million visitors during 2023.

Infrastructure development on the island 

The development of the island of Bali continues year after year.

The reconstruction of the port in Sanur was completed in 2022, and the Bali International Hospital is scheduled to open in 2024.

Also planned for 2024 is the reconstruction of Bali's transportation system, including the construction of the Gilimanuk - Mengwi highway, which will connect the island to Jakarta. 

With the upgraded port in Gilimanuk, which is the main transportation hub between Bali and Java, the island's annual visitor traffic is expected to increase to 14 million people.

In addition, Paramount Theme Park Bali is scheduled to open on the island in 2025.

High level of profitability 

Investing in real estate in Bali is considered to be profitable, as every year the rental value of real estate on the island increases by 15%. 

The average return on investment in real estate in Bali is from 12 to 20% per year, which allows investors to recoup their investment in 5 years.

The possibility of equity investment

International developer ANTA Group offers exclusive equity investment in premium apartments in the most popular area of Bali - Changgu, in the complex ANTA Residence Canggu.

Equity investment in real estate - one of the most profitable forms of investment, because it is available to a wider range of people.

The investor acquires a certain share of real estate, which gives him the right to manage this part and receive income from the investment. Each participant has his share, proportional to the size of his investment.

This is especially relevant for young investors who have a small starting capital, but can receive income from this type of investment.

Advantages of investing in a share of real estate: 

- Affordability: Investing in a share allows you to invest less money, which is especially relevant for young investors. 

- Portfolio diversification: The possibility of acquiring shares in several properties allows you to reduce risks and ensure a stable income. 

- Professional management: Cooperation with management companies makes it easier to rent, maintain and manage properties.


Special government programs

Bali is ranked as the fourth most attractive investment destination in the world. 

The Indonesian government is actively working to create a favorable environment for foreign investors, constantly improving investment conditions at the legislative level. 

Structural reforms to improve the country's business environment and a variety of tax incentives will continue to be introduced and expand opportunities for foreign workers, opening up more job opportunities.

Best areas for residential and business investment


One of the most popular areas in Bali and therefore attractive for real estate investment. 

This seaside village is extremely popular with tourists, resulting in high demand for hotel rooms and rentals. 

Changgu is well located close to Seminyak's infrastructure, but also has its own special features: uncrowded beaches and rice terraces. 

Here you can find the best cafes, restaurants, fitness clubs, stores, beach clubs, surf schools and co-working spaces. 

Changgu's infrastructure is on par with world capitals, while property and rental prices in the area are the highest on the island. 

Buying property in Changgu can represent a great investment opportunity given the constant demand and limited supply.


This is the most sought-after neighborhood on Bali's Bukit Peninsula. The area is known for its villas with panoramic views and magnificent sunsets.

Uluwatu is Bali's most overlooked neighborhood, home to Instagram-worthy beaches with crystal clear waters. It is home to the Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple complex and the Garuda statue that attract tourists.

Uluwatu is also famous for its excellent surfing conditions, five-star hotels and stunning nature.

Nusa Dua

The eastern part of the Bukit Peninsula is often referred to as the "tropical Switzerland" due to its immaculate lawns, fountains and golf courses. 

Nusa Dua is known as an area of luxury five-star hotels including Kempinski, St Regis, Sofitel, Grand Hyatt. 

After the G-20 summit, the perfectly smooth wide roads and manicured greenery have been preserved here. 

The beaches are covered with beautiful white sand, and the atmosphere of prosperity and the presence of wealthy but quiet residents make this area ideal for those who prefer a "grown-up" vacation in Bali.


Ubud is a city of artisans, mysticism, jungle and monkeys. Despite the lack of sea, it is very humid here.

It is the capital of yoga and meditation, the center of cultural life, where most of the performances of different artists take place. 

The nature of Ubud is a real tropical paradise, there is a lot of greenery, and the climate is favorable for fans of moderate temperatures. 

The area is known for its unique cafes, restaurants, artists, tarologists and life coaches.


The Seminyak district, located in the southwest of the island, is considered a trendy center for nightlife and shopping. Here you can find clubs, bars, restaurants and luxury villas.

A few years ago, Seminyak was the leading neighborhood until Changgu took its place. However, it still has many restaurants and famous beach clubs. 

The beaches of Seminyak have gray sand due to its volcanic nature. 

The area is easy to navigate on foot and there is no need to look for a vehicle. The area attracts those who appreciate comfort, developed infrastructure and prefer to stay in their neighborhood.

Where to invest in Bali?

A profitable investment option in Bali is to purchase premium apartments ANTA Residence Canggu

ANTA Residence Canggu :

- 5* business class apartments with unique infrastructure

- on the main street of the most fashionable location of Bali, Changgu - Batu Bolong. 

- 7 minutes from Indian Ocean, beach and surfspot.

- 5 variants of apartments, from 40 m², from 139 000 $

Infrastructure of the complex - Jungle roof-top (jungle park on the roof), tropical infinity pool overlooking the ocean, world brand restaurant and cafe, underground parking with your own bike as a gift, kvorking area, personal transfer by golf cart, children's area with babysitter, surf school, beauty and SPA salon, smart GYM and event hall on the roof.

Nearby there are supermarkets, restaurants, bars, Premium sports club, schools and kindergartens, airport is only 40 minutes away.

The construction project ANTA Residence Canggu is developed by a reliable international real estate developer AptaGroup, guaranteeing high quality construction. 

The company offers a variety of investment opportunities in this property, including equity participation and full investment/purchase of the property.

More offers, current prices and competent advice from the developer Aptagroup at the link

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