Investing in real estate to obtain a residence permit in Turkey: what do I need to know?

Residence permit


Investing in real estate to obtain a residence permit in Turkey: what do I need to know?

Turkey has become one of the most attractive places to live and invest due to its generous policy towards foreign investors. Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is available through real estate investments, which attracts the attention of many people seeking stability in this country. Here are the requirements, procedures and benefits that go along with investing in Turkish real estate for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel, stay or work abroad

Turkey attracts many foreign investors with its favorable conditions for obtaining residence permits and citizenship. One of the most attractive ways to obtain a residence card is to invest in real estate. The Turkish government actively promotes this process by providing various programs and incentives for foreign investors.

About the main points that should be considered when investing in Turkish real estate in order to obtain a residence permit - learn further in the article.

Why is Turkey attractive for investors? 

Turkey has always attracted foreigners with its variety of tourist attractions, developed economy and rapidly expanding real estate market. 

Due to its strategic location and access to various markets, this country attracts many foreign businessmen. 

For international investors, in turn, there is support from the government, providing incentives and tax breaks for foreign investments.

Living in Turkey has its advantages including economic growth, ease of employment in various fields, low food prices and various vacation opportunities.

Important factors for those considering a move to Turkey include a favorable climate, high quality medical services and affordable living costs. 

Investing in Turkish real estate is particularly attractive to foreign nationals, as it provides the basis for obtaining a residence permit, citizenship and good business opportunities.

Advantages of Turkish residence permit

1. Access to the global financial system

Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey allows you to open foreign accounts and bank cards, which provides integration into the global financial system.

2. Business opportunities

Turkish residents can open and conduct business in Turkey. Due to its favorable geographical location, Turkey provides business opportunities with partners from both Europe and Asia. Pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries, as well as tourism, textile and construction sectors are particularly developed in the country.

3. Access to education and medical services

Obtaining a residence permit opens access to educational and medical services in Turkey. The country offers high quality medical care and a wide range of educational opportunities. Many Turkish clinics are accredited by the Joint Commission International JCl.

4. Family Reunification

Residents may invite family members to live in Turkey. This includes spouses, children and persons under the care of the resident.

Types of Turkish residence permit:

1. Short-term - issued for 1 to 2 years for tourists, students, foreign nationals and for those coming for medical treatment.

2. Long-term - can only be obtained by foreigners who have lived in Turkey for more than 8 years. This type of residence permit can be canceled if the resident leaves the country for more than a year.

3. Family - receive for a period of up to 3 years spouses of Turkish citizens, as well as children and dependent adults.

4. Student - for those receiving primary and secondary education in Turkish schools, for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students and those studying Turkish language on special courses. The validity period of such a residence permit corresponds to the period of study.

5. Humanitarian and for victims of human trafficking - issued in emergency situations, when there is a threat to the life of a foreigner or he can not return to his native country.

Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey through investment in real estate 

Buying real estate also leads to a residence permit in Turkey for up to 2 years. The investor's residence permit refers to a type of short-term residence permit. It is the most popular and easiest type of issued residence permits in Turkey.

The minimum value of real estate to obtain residency status is $200,000. 

Conditions for applicants

Residence permit status is issued to the main applicant - the owner of the property. A residence permit can be obtained by the whole family, including spouse and children under 18 years of age (for them a family type of residence permit is issued).

To obtain a residence permit, the applicant must: not receive social benefits for the last three years, prove income sufficient to live in the country, purchase health insurance, do not pose a threat to society.

Required documents

To obtain a residence permit card, you will need:

- a completed application form;

- individual taxpayer number (INN);

- 4 biometric photos;

- original and a copy of a foreign passport;

- a certificate of income;

- medical insurance;

- marriage and children's birth certificates;

- copy of TAPU (certificate of ownership of real estate);

Also, when applying, the applicant should be prepared to answer the following questions:

- For what purpose are you applying for a residence permit?

- Do you intend to be employed in Turkey?

- What money do you plan to live on during your stay in Turkey?

Real estate for residence permit in Turkey

There is a wide range of housing in Turkey, including small studio apartments and luxury villas. Apartments located in coastal areas are especially popular among investors.

One of the attractive areas for investment is business class apartments in Antalya. The construction of residential complexes with a variety of infrastructure, including fitness centers, swimming pools, parks and stores is actively developing here. 

The demand for renting such housing remains stable all year round, and its cost is growing rapidly, reflecting changes in demand from foreign buyers.

Favorable offers of apartments in the heart of Antalya:


- Business class complex on the main tourist street of the city.

- Apartments 2+1, view penthouses, area from 72 m².

- Cost from 130 000 €.

- Located just 3 minutes from the beaches and historical sights.

- Estimated payback on daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.


- Business class apartments starting from 53 m².

- Modern design: 1 bedroom, living room with kitchen, bathroom with toilet.

- Duplex 3+1 from 130 m².

- Investment from 145 000 €.

- Located in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and major attractions

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.


- Comfort class apartments in the historical center of Antalya.

- The layout is 2+1 with balconies, 20 apartments in total.

- Area 72 m², price from 170 000 €.

- Unique location: just 3 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.

These projects have been developed by a reliable international developer Antagroup, guaranteeing high quality construction. By investing in these offers, you not only provide yourself with reliable housing, but also open the door to profitable investments in Turkish real estate.

You can find more offers, current prices and competent advice on purchasing real estate from the developer AntaGroup by clicking here

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