Tourist real estate in Antalya: investment options and strategies



Tourist real estate in Antalya: investment options and strategies

The capital of Turkish tourism, Antalya, ranks second in apartment sales to foreigners in Turkey and continues to attract more and more international investors who want to not only preserve but also increase their capital. We tell you about the options and advantages of investing in tourist real estate in Antalya

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel, stay or work abroad

Antalya is one of the main centers of real estate investment among international investors. Every year the resort is visited by more and more foreign nationals who need accommodation for the duration of their stay. The growing flow of tourists and emigrants seeking a more comfortable stay creates a significant demand for renting Turkish apartments, which provides property owners with an excellent opportunity for a stable income. 

On the prospects that opens a dynamically developing market of tourist real estate in Antalya - read further in the article.

Why do investors choose Turkey?

Every year Turkey is becoming an increasingly desirable place to invest in real estate, attracting the attention of many foreign investors with its fast-growing market. 

This is facilitated by a steady flow of tourists - more than 45 million people annually. And the country itself is the 6th most popular tourist destination.

The tourism industry is the main backbone of Turkey's economy, and creates a constant demand for rental accommodation. 

Most foreigners invest in Turkey to have their own vacation home, as well as to receive a stable income from rental properties. 

This opens up the possibility for property owners to earn a stable income from renting out their homes to tourists all year round.

In addition, the Turkish government provides privileges to foreign investors who purchase real estate in the country, including the possibility of obtaining residence permits and citizenship. 

In particular, when buying real estate from $ 400 000 investors can get a Turkish passport. Read more about the benefits of Turkish citizenship here.

Why real estate in Antalya - profitable?

Antalya is one of the main resorts in Turkey. 

It is an ideal place for lovers of beach vacations and water activities. 

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya is famous for its pleasant climate and 300 days of sunshine a year.

The city also has a rich cultural heritage, offering a variety of museums, galleries, historical sites and cultural events that give it a special flavor. 

For shopping and nightlife enthusiasts, outstanding nightclubs, shopping centers and restaurants are available.

Antalya's transportation infrastructure is convenient for residents without their own transportation, providing an efficient bus network and proximity to the international airport. 

During the peak tourist season, Antalya turns into a lively tourist festival. At this time, it is particularly difficult to book a hotel or hotel apartments without pre-confirmed reservations.

Therefore, owning your own property in this region can be a great solution that brings guaranteed rental income.

The affordability of living in this city, the variety of cuisines and the international atmosphere make Antalya an attractive place to live and invest.

Prospects of investing in Antalya tourist real estate

Investing in tourist real estate is becoming increasingly attractive for both businesses and private investors. 

Tourism is considered one of the most lucrative industries in the world economy, because the contingent of constantly arriving tourists creates the potential for constant profits from the rental or sale of real estate in the long term.

Real estate in Antalya offers many opportunities to make a profit and provide a stable source of income in the long term.

The growing availability of tourism and the increasing number of people traveling to Antalya are contributing to the demand for tourism real estate in this region. 

The benefits of investing in tourist real estate are manifold:

- Continuous demand. Tourism is an industry that is constantly in demand as people around the world are constantly looking to travel and find comfortable accommodation during their trips.

- Rising real estate values. Properties in tourist cities and resort areas tend to appreciate higher due to constant demand and limited supply.

- High rental yields. Investing in tourist real estate opens up the possibility of generating additional income through rental of residential or commercial properties to tourists.

- Portfolio diversification. Real estate investments allow investors to spread risks and reduce possible losses due to the diversity of assets.

- Personal use. Investors may have the opportunity to use the property during their own vacations or vacations, which gives the investment additional appeal.

Profitability of tourist real estate

Residential complexes attract permanent residents looking for long-term stays in modern and comfortable accommodations, while apartment hotels provide short-term rentals for tourists and business travelers. 

Both of these forms of real estate in Turkish resort cities are in high demand in the rental market, making them a reliable source of income for investors.

Income from short-term rentals through an agency averages 8-10% per annum. Most often apartments are rented out for the whole season, which results in a significant annual profit, exceeding even the income from long-term rent. 

The yield from long-term rentals is 6-8% per annum.

Over the past 5 years in Turkey, there has been a steady increase in real estate prices, an increase of about 20% annually. 

Investments in residential and commercial real estate under construction represent an even more profitable investment opportunity. 

The cost of a finished commercial real estate object significantly exceeds the cost of its construction and commissioning. 

Investing in the construction of an apartment requires a relatively small amount of money, and its subsequent sale can bring about 30-35% profit.

Where to invest in Turkey?

Most investors prefer to buy real estate in the center of Antalya because of the high liquidity, convenient location, developed infrastructure and potential price growth. 

The central areas of the city provide access to all key facilities and are a symbol of prestige and status. As a result, central real estate is an attractive and stable investment with high yield potential.

Examples of apartments in the heart of Antalya: 


- Business class complex on the main tourist street of the city.

- Apartments 2+1, view penthouses, area from 72 m².

- Cost from 130 000 €.

- Located just 3 minutes from the beaches and historical sights.

- Estimated payback on daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.


- Business class apartments starting from 53 m².

- Modern design: 1 bedroom, living room with kitchen, bathroom with toilet.

- Duplex 3+1 from 130 m².

- Investment from 145 000 €.

- Located in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and major attractions

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.


- Comfort class apartments in the historical center of Antalya.

- The layout is 2+1 with balconies, 20 apartments in total.

- Area 72 m², price from 170 000 €.

- Unique location: just 3 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.

These projects have been developed by a reliable international developer Antagroup, guaranteeing high quality construction. By investing in these offers, you not only provide yourself with reliable housing, but also open the door to profitable investments in Turkish real estate.

You can find more offers, current prices and competent advice on purchasing real estate from the developer AntaGroup by clicking here

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