Bali: Hospitality Investment and Tourism Growth Prospects



Bali: Hospitality Investment and Tourism Growth Prospects

The hotel industry is one of the most profitable and stable industries in Bali. It is closely related to the tourism business, so investing in the hotel business brings a stable income to the property owner for many years. We tell you what advantages of investing in the hotel business in Bali are available to foreign investors

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Indonesia is a country where tourism is the main industry that generates revenue.  In Bali, compared to other resorts, the season lasts all year round. Millions of tourists come here every year in search of exoticism, experiences and relaxation.  The growing demand for accommodation not only supports the island's economy, but also stimulates the development of the hotel sector. 

What opportunities for international investors opens tourist real estate and why it is worth investing in the hotel business in Bali - read further in the article.

Why do investors choose Bali?

Breathtaking views, multifaceted culture, unique climate and nature, mountains and beaches, surfing and diving make Bali an attraction for tourists from all over the world.

On the island you can not only enjoy the variety of exotic plants and landscapes, but also visit cozy bars and cafes with local flavor.

Due to the nature and comfort in Bali - tourism and hotel business have become a good foundation for the development of infrastructure on this island.

The tourist season in Bali lasts all year round, attracting about 6.3 million people annually. The occupancy rate of tourist facilities is 70-80% per month.

To date, the hotel industry in the region is actively growing, which creates new opportunities for foreign businessmen and investors.

Hotel business in Bali

Bali differs from other resorts in that the tourist season here lasts the whole year and attracts travelers regularly. 

Prices for accommodation here are quite reasonable, especially compared to European countries.

Hotel business in Bali is actively developing. Here you can find hotels for every taste - from simple beach houses to luxury resorts with a full range of services. 

The development of this sector plays a key role in the tourist infrastructure of the island. Thanks to the active construction of new hotels, apart-hotels and villas, many jobs are created. 

In total, the island has about 46.3 thousand rooms in classified hotels, and the average occupancy rate of tourist facilities during the year is 70-80%.

High demand and relatively low competition make Bali an ideal place to run a hotel business.

Benefits of investing in hotel real estate

Tourism development

Bali is a global tourist destination attracting millions of tourists every year. 

Due to the development of the island's infrastructure, it is expected to increase to 14 million visitors per year between 2023 and 2025.

The regular flow of tourists and hotel visitors ensures a constant demand for hotel services.

High profitability and price growth

The average return on real estate investment in Bali is between 12 and 20% per annum.

Due to the increasing demand for hotel services in Bali, investment in this area promises high returns. 

Investors can recoup their investment within 5 years.

Affordable real estate

Compared to other famous tourist destinations, the cost of real estate in Bali is moderate. 

This makes it possible to purchase hotel real estate at an affordable price with great potential to increase its value in the future.

Own accommodation

You can use your real estate for your own vacation in Bali. 

The island offers a wonderful climate, gorgeous beaches and rich cultural and historical attractions.

This region is attractive not only for business, but also for personal comfort and relaxation.

Profitability of tourist real estate in Bali

Bali attracts many foreign investors who make investments in apartments for the purpose of renting or selling.

The tourist real estate market in Bali is known for its high yield, which is 15% per annum. This is one of the highest rates in the world.

The cost of tourist real estate on the island annually increases by 15-20%. The cost of rent increases in the same proportions, due to which many investors recoup the purchased real estate for 5-6 years.

The amount of net profit from the sale of apartments purchased in Bali at the construction stage in three years will amount to 44%. 

How to invest in hotel real estate in Bali?

The most profitable option for investing in real estate in Bali is investing in apartments that are part of apart-hotels. 

These are apartments or studios that provide an opportunity to live in your own apartment, while using the service of the hotel, as well as receive passive income from renting apartments if necessary.

A good investment option in Bali is the purchase of premium apartments ANTA Residence Canggu. 

ANTA Residence Canggu :

- 5* business class apartments with unique infrastructure

- on the main street of the most fashionable location of Bali, Changgu - Batu Bolong. 

- 7 minutes from the Indian Ocean, beach and surfspot.

- 5 variants of apartments, from 40 m², from 139 000 $

The complex includes 113 apartments with modern renovation, furniture and appliances, as well as combines all possible services - Jungle roof-top (jungle park on the roof), tropical infinity pool overlooking the ocean, restaurant and cafe, underground parking with your own bike as a gift, co-working, personal transfer by golf cart, children's area with babysitter, surf school, beauty and SPA salon, smart gym and event hall on the roof.

Close to supermarkets, restaurants, bars, Premium sports club, schools and kindergartens, airport only 40 minutes away.

ANTA Residence Canggu has been developed by a reliable international developer AntaGroup, guaranteeing high quality construction. 

The company offers a variety of investment opportunities in this property, including equity participation and full investment/purchase of the property.

More offers, current prices and competent advice from the developer AntaGroup at the link

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