Which properties are attracting real estate investors in 2024?



Which properties are attracting real estate investors in 2024?

Real estate investments are attractive due to stability and profit potential. In 2024, Turkey and Bali are of particular interest to investors, with a large flow of tourists, rising house prices and high returns. We tell you which real estate objects attract investors and how to invest profitably in 2024

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The increase in tourists and expatriates in 2024 in tourist resorts such as Turkey and Bali creates a good opportunity for property owners to capitalize on their apartments and earn a stable income. 

Most overseas investors enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate as it provides a stable source of income, the ability to increase the value of the property over time, inflation protection, portfolio diversification and the ability to use leverage to increase returns.

Why you should invest in real estate in 2024 and what objects you should choose for this - read further in the article.

What real estate objects are in demand?

Residential complexes

Residential complexes of business and comfort class are becoming increasingly popular among investors. 

Due to their convenient location, the complexes provide easy access to the city infrastructure, shopping centers, offices and public places, which attracts potential tenants.

Modern amenities and additional services such as open spaces, swimming pools, fitness centers, recreation areas, security, parking and playgrounds offered in business and comfort class residential complexes make them more competitive in the rental market and provide a high degree of comfort for tenants.


With the development of the tourism business and the constant flow of tourists in the world's most popular resorts, apart-hotels are also attracting the attention of investors in 2024.

These properties offer a unique combination of hotel services and the comforts of home. They are located in tourist areas, which ensures a constant flow of potential customers.

The possibility of self-catering in aparthotels makes them an ideal choice for long-term tourist stays.

With flexible accommodations and access to hotel amenities, aparthotels present an attractive opportunity to generate stable rental income for homeowners.

Real estate investment prospects

Both types of real estate represent attractive investment opportunities for the following reasons:

1. Stable rental income 

Residential complexes attract tenants looking for long-term accommodation in modern and comfortable conditions, while apartment hotels offer short-term rentals for tourists and business travelers.  

Such properties have a high demand in the rental market, providing a reliable source of income for investors.

2. Potential for capital appreciation

Location in popular and sought-after neighborhoods contributes to the increase in home values over time. 

With improved infrastructure and a more attractive environment, properties can not only bring investors a steady income but also capital appreciation.

3. Diversity of potential customers

Business and comfort class residential complexes can attract families, young adults, students and single professionals alike. 

Aparthotels, on the other hand, can appeal to tourists, business travelers, and extended stays. 

This provides a wide range of potential tenants and promotes long-term customer retention.

Why do investors choose Turkey and Bali?


Turkey attracts investors with its fast-growing real estate market that offers high returns on investment. 

There are many ways to earn money from your real estate in Turkey, for example - rental income with the subsequent sale of apartments. 

In addition, the country offers attractive conditions for foreign investors, including obtaining residence permits for investors, as well as obtaining citizenship when buying real estate for a certain amount. a certain amount.

Why foreign investors choose Turkey and what opportunities await them in this country - read more in the article.


Bali, known for its picturesque beaches and rich culture, is also an attractive place for real estate investment. 

The tourist season on the island lasts all year round, attracting half a million people every month. The occupancy rate of tourist facilities is 70-80%.

Investing here is considered profitable, because every year the cost of renting real estate on the island increases by 15%. 

The average return on investment in real estate in Bali is from 12 to 20% per year, which allows investors to recoup their investment in 5 years.

The Indonesian government is actively working to create a favorable environment for foreign investors, constantly improving the conditions of investment at the legislative level. 

How to find the perfect place to invest?

Real estate investments in Turkey and Bali in 2024 represent attractive opportunities for investors.

A profitable investment option in Bali is the purchase of premium apartments ANTA Residence Canggu

ANTA Residence Canggu :

- 5* business class apartments with unique infrastructure

- on the main street of the most fashionable location of Bali, Changgu - Batu Bolong. 

- 7 minutes from the Indian Ocean, beach and surfspot.

- 5 variants of apartments, from 40 m², from 139 000 $

The complex includes 113 apartments with modern renovation, furniture and appliances, and combines all possible services - Jungle roof-top, tropical infinity pool overlooking the ocean, restaurant and cafe, underground parking with your own bike as a gift, co-working, personal golf cart transfer, children's area with babysitter, surf school, beauty and SPA salon, smart gym and event hall on the roof.

Turkey is also an attractive real estate market, where you can get a high return on investment. 

To minimize risks, it is important to choose proven developers. Most investors prefer to buy business class apartments in Turkey

Profitable offers of apartments for investment:


- Business class apartments with an area from 53 m².

- Modern design: 1 bedroom, living room with kitchen, bathroom with toilet.

- Duplex 3+1 with an area from 130 m².

- Investment from 145 000 €.

- Located in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and major attractions

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.


- Comfort class apartments in the historical center of Antalya.

- The layout is 2+1 with balconies, 20 apartments in total.

- Area 72 m², price from 175 000 €.

- Unique location: just 3 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.

All these projects have been developed by a reliable international developer Antagroup, guaranteeing high quality construction. 

The company provides a variety of investment opportunities in this property, including equity participation and investment/purchase of the property in full.

More offers, current prices and competent advice on purchasing real estate from the developer AptaGroup can be found here

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