Ranking of the world's best cities for work-life balance



Ranking of the world's best cities for work-life balance

Forbes Advisor has created a ranking of the world's best cities for balancing career and personal life. To create the ranking, 128 cities were compared and evaluated on a 100-point scale. Learn more about the cities with the highest work-life balance index

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Over the past few years, remote working has become the norm for many companies, requiring a new approach to maintaining a good work-life balance. This highlights the importance of employee well-being, which affects their job satisfaction and commitment. A large study in the UK found that more than half of British workers are willing to accept even low-paying jobs if they can achieve a better work-life balance.

Evaluation criteria for the Work-Life Balance Score

To create the ranking, the authors of the Forbes Advisor study analysed 128 major cities around the world and identified which ones have the best employee well-being indicators, giving each of them a score on a 100-point scale.

The following factors were taken into account in the assessment:

1. Gender Inequality Index score;

2. Average working hours;

3. Minimum statutory annual leave;

4. Property price to income ratio;

5. Share of vacancies with remote and hybrid work;

6. Policy on maternity leave;

7. Parks and nature reserves per capita;

8. Unemployment rate;

9. Number of hours of sunshine.

Based on these factors, Forbes Advisor has ranked the world's cities with the best work-life balance.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Work-Life Balance Score: 70.5

Copenhagen is known as an ideal city for a balanced life and career. It pays special attention to sustainable development and a comfortable environment for residents. Infrastructure and public transport help residents get to any part of the city quickly and conveniently, and green spaces create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Many companies in Copenhagen are committed to "hygge" values in the workplace, which means providing a calm and cosy environment for employees. Flexible working hours and long annual leave allow people to enjoy life and relax without prioritising work alone.

In addition, the low unemployment rate and fair parental leave make Copenhagen an ideal place to develop both your personal and professional life.

Helsinki, Finland

Work-Life Balance Score: 65.1

Helsinki is considered one of the best cities for a balanced life and career. The Finnish capital is famous for its progressive social policies, especially in the area of parental leave. Finland is recognised as a leader in the World Happiness Index, which is a testament to the successful implementation of the values of a healthy and balanced life.

According to many residents, flexible working hours help to effectively combine career and personal life. Most job openings in Helsinki offer remote or hybrid work options, which is an important step towards ensuring employee comfort and health.

Stockholm, Sweden

Work-Life Balance Score: 64.8

In Sweden, employees have a variety of opportunities for a balanced life and career development. The law guarantees at least 25 days of annual leave for full-time employees. Employers are also actively implementing flexible working hours, which allows employees to effectively combine work and personal life.

Almost half of the vacancies (46%) are open for hybrid or remote work, which is an additional factor for employee comfort. In addition, Swedish employers provide generous parental leave. Upon the birth of a child, parents can take up to 480 days of paid leave, with 240 days available for each parent. These initiatives demonstrate the country's concern for the well-being and health of its citizens.

Oslo, Norway

Work-Life Balance Score: 63.2

Oslo is an expensive city, but it is known for its high salaries and excellent quality of life. Many companies in the Norwegian capital are introducing flexible work arrangements, which give employees the opportunity to manage their schedule and balance work and personal life. This allows you to attend meetings, spend time with family and friends, and develop interests outside your professional life. 

Undoubtedly, this approach contributes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which is an important factor in ensuring employee happiness and satisfaction. Thanks to such initiatives, Oslo has been ranked sixth in the World Happiness Index, which reflects the importance of values and attitudes towards quality of life in this city.